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Steph Bedore is a non-binary, Detroit based, actor and singer. Growing up with a mom who loved to sing in her Glee Club, Steph had an early love for music and performing. Getting to create a cathartic, and fun experience for audiences is what Steph loves to do! It does help that theatre is fun to begin with! ;) 

Tending to type as the underdog, Steph tends to be cast in loveable loser roles like Martha from Heathers, to characters who are resentful and amitious like Joyce from Top Girls. Steph can easily ft into roles similar to those of Shannon Purser plays--specifically likeBarb from Stranger Things.

Steph is currently working on two virtual shows on the moment through Wayne State Universtiy. These shows are Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka, as a part of the Ensemble; and Frankie! the Musical by Elise Marra, as Frankie. 


Steph Bedore

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